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African Impact Foundation

Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a persons life

In the summer of 2016 I embarked on a solo trip to East Africa that would change my life. After volunteering with African Impact in Moshi, Tanzania, I saw first hand the impact volunteers can have within a small local community. This trip also led me to fall in love with African Wax print fabric and from this the initial spark was ignited that led to the idea for my business. 

The African Impact Foundation

Over the past 10 years The African Impact Foundation have developed an ethos based on building and maintaining strong partnerships with the communities they work in. They work to enrich people’s lives through implementing improved health and nutrition infrastructures, opportunities for better education, creating safe places for children to play and helping to generate sustainable sources of income for families.

The African Impact Foundation

The Foundation rely on much of their income from volunteers on the ground who are able to see first hand just how meaningful the projects are. The women I met in Tanzania were truly inspirational, battling against poverty, working together for a better life, a more comfortable way of living and equality in their country. I am so happy to have met them, and incredibly proud that my business is now able to give a little bit back to them for a better future.

The African Impact Foundation

5% of sales from our African Wax Print collection are donated to the African Impact Foundation. In recent years this income was allocated to their Gender Equality fund. By supporting them through donations, we can ensure they can continue to educate, enrich and empower women and girls in the communities they work with. Income of this nature is so valued and important because it allows them to continue to implement positive change and develop programmes to help overcome the challenges that African women and girls face. These include access to education, helping families make better choices about early marriage and pregnancy and support with skills and training.
Isn’t it amazing that simply buying a product from me can help to change the lives of others.
Much Love
Rebecca x